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Autor Thema: Lynne by the Englishman  (Gelesen 853 mal)
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« am: April 01, 2019, 08:00:17 pm »

part 1
Robert Bradley glanced up, as a shadow crossed his desk, and then wished
that he had ignored it. He heard a voice that sent a chill of apprehension
crawling down his spine.

"How's the new costing coming on Bob?"

There was nothing frightening about the voice itself and the speaker
looked even less fearsome. He was short, only three inches over five feet,
and alarmingly thin. He had bushy eyebrows that almost met across the
bridge of his sharp aquiline nose and beneath the eyebrows were the only
features that reflected the power he wielded - his dark, almost black

With pupils that seemed permanently dilated, his eyes seemed to search
into and penetrate the mind of anyone who spoke to him. His piercing glare
had convinced many of his adversaries that he could read their minds.

The fact that the voice and the eyes belonged to Colin Stanley, the man
who had recently bought the engineering company that Bob worked for, was
the worrying part. It was well known around the offices that Colin Stanley
was out to cut costs and he had already made a start by sacking half of
the factory workers.

The rumour was that his next target was the office staff. Everyone who
worked for the company was jumpy and nervous in case they were the next to
be fired. Robert Bradley was no exception. At his age, he was forty-two
this year, he could not afford to lose his job. Another position would be
difficult, if not impossible to find. A new mortgage and a new wife made
him especially nervous about the prospect of unemployment.

"It should be finished by tonight Mr Stanley."

"That's three days for a simple costing,"  replied Stanley in a frigid
voice. "Does it usually take that long?"

Bob suppressed a shiver. He felt cold though his palms were sweating.

"It wouldn't normally take so long but this one is rather complex."

"Not too much for you, is it Bob?"

Stanley sounded concerned but his tone carried a hint of something more

Before Bob could answer, Colin Stanley noticed the framed photograph that
Bob kept on his desk.

"I didn't know you had a daughter Bob."

He picked up the photograph and studied it.

"She doesn't look like you."

"That's my wife, Lynn," said Bob with a self conscious grin," and she
doesn't look anything like me. She's a lot better looking than I am."

"That's true," said Stanley, without a smile. "She's also a lot younger
than you, or is this an old photo?"

"No, the picture was only taken three months ago, just before we got

He paused and admitted reluctantly, "she is a lot younger than me though.
Twenty years younger to be exact."

Colin Stanley's eyes narrowed and the gap between his eyebrows

"And you're what? forty two now?"

Bob nodded and reached for the photograph. His boss held on to the frame,
as if reluctant to return it.

"I hope that having such an attractive young wife will leave you enough
energy to do your job efficiently - if you know what I mean."

Bob knew exactly what he meant and the inference annoyed and embarrassed
him. He was growing used the same stale jokes about the difference in his
and Lynn's ages. The sexual innuendoes were the worst because there was
enough truth in them to hit home. He did have a lower sex drive and less
energy than his young wife. She would have been happy to make love three
times a night if he had been capable of it. Three times a week was
stretching his endurance at the moment.

"I'm sure that my wife will be an asset to me in my work," he said,
worried that Colin Stanley's present train of thought might lead to doubts
about his suitability for continued employment..

"I have no doubt that she will be," said Stanley, "in fact she might well
be the deciding factor in your career. I'd like to meet your wife," he
continued, passing the photograph back to his bemused employee."In fact, I
think it's time that you and your new wife invited Mrs Stanley and myself
to dinner. I like to get to know all of my employees personally."

He paused meaningfully, "All of those that are staying with the company
that is."


Lynn Bradley had been nervous about meeting her husband's boss for the
first time, especially as Bob had emphasised how important it was that
they made a good impression on the couple.

She was afraid that she lacked the experience and the ability to entertain
an older more sophisticated couple like the Stanleys.

She was especially worried as Mrs Stanley had, according to Bob, already
established a reputation in the town as a brilliant hostess. It had not
helped that Bob kept nervously repeating that his career with the company
depended on Colin Stanley's opinion of them as a couple.

Dinner had been a success. It should have been, she reflected. They had
eaten the same meal for three days in a row so that she could be sure that
it would be perfect on the night. Bob had smiled to her and nodded his
approval several times during the meal but Lynn still felt tense even
though she was satisfied that she had not let her husband down.

She had managed to make an intelligent and occasionally witty contribution
to the conversation but, despite several glasses of wine more than she was
used to, she could not relax. Her mind was constantly aware of how
important the evening was to her husband. Even when Barbara Stanley
complimented her on the meal and asked for the recipe, she remained

She ate very little and tasted even less. Her loss of appetite was only
partly due to her nervousness about Colin and Barbara Stanley's opinion of
her. The main cause of her uneasiness was the way that Colin Stanley
stared at her. Her husband's boss never took his eyes from her and each
time she looked up, she found herself transfixed by his dark hypnotic

He was a small, unimpressive man and Lynn had already decided that she did
not like him. His devouring eyes made her uncomfortable and even when he
spoke to his wife, his gaze never shifted from Lynn. During the meal, he
made several flattering remarks about her appearance, but instead of
making her feel good the compliments merely embarrassed her.

She had no need of Colin Stanley's compliments to know that she looked
good. She had no illusions about herself. She was five feet three inches
and her slender figure was in perfect proportion.

The sheer white dress, that buttoned down to her waist and then fell into
a loose pleated full skirt, emphasised her dark hair and youthful
complexion beautifully. The full skirt stopped at her knees and showed her
slim legs to advantage and the loosely fitted top accented her small
perfectly shaped breasts.

 It was her breasts that Colin Stanley's gaze seemed to be focused on. It
felt as if his strangely piecing eyes could see straight through the white
dress, as if he could see the firm flesh of her small breasts. She
shuddered at the thought of the repulsive little man seeing her naked. A
moment later, she shuddered again as she wondered why she had even thought
about herself naked in front of Colin Stanley.

She felt sympathy for his wife who was an attractive and friendly woman in
her mid thirties. Lynn could not imagine what had attracted a beautiful
and intelligent woman like Barbara Stanley to someone as physically
insignificant as her husband. She was a beautiful woman who could have had
almost any man she wanted.

Lynn shrugged mentally. Colin Stanley probably had qualities that
compensated for his appearance - even if she could not guess what they

By the end of the meal, it was clear that Colin Stanley had consumed too
much wine. His pallid face was flushed and, as they left the table to
drink brandy and coffee in the comfort of the lounge, he rose unsteadily
and stumbled.

He reached out and his hand brushed briefly across Lynn's breast. It had
all the appearance of an accident but she was sure that he had known
precisely what he was doing.

Bob sat next to Barbara Stanley on the sofa, leaving Lynn to sit alone in
one of the overstuffed leather armchairs. Colin Stanley ignored the chairs
and slumped on the floor with his back against the armchair opposite Lynn.
His eyes were on the same level as Lynn's knees and it was obvious from
the direction of his gaze that he was looking up her dress.

Lynn flushed when she realised that his attention had gravitated from her
breasts to the point where her thighs met. His piercing eyes seemed to
penetrate her clothes and she tried to shake off the strange idea that
Colin Stanley could see straight through her dress and panties and that he
was staring directly at her naked vagina.

Bob was in earnest, half drunk conversation with Stanley's wife and was
oblivious to the cause of his wife's embarrassment. Stanley continued to
stare intently and made no attempt to conceal his fascination with the
upper reaches of her legs. His attention did not waver when Lynn asked if
he wanted another brandy.

"I'm fine thanks," he said, and added meaningfully, "Couldn't be better in

Lynn flushed self consciously. There was no doubt in her mind that he was
referring to the view between her legs. His penetrating stare made her
wonder how much of her he could see and, despite her dislike of the ill
mannered little man, she felt a pulse quicken between her legs.

She squeezed her thighs together self-consciously but the action only made
the pulse stronger.

Colin Stanley smiled at her as if he knew and she felt the blood rush to
her face.

"How about some music?" he said suddenly, "does anybody mind some music?"

Barbara Stanley smiled tolerantly and shrugged but Bob said he thought it
was a wonderful idea. Lynn jumped up, relieved to be doing something to
escape from Colin Stanley's rapacious eyes. To her dismay, he stumbled to
his feet and followed her to the pine shelving that housed the record

"Something slow and soft," he suggested in her ear. His face was so close
to her that Lynn felt the heat of his breath on her neck. She shivered
involuntarily and, wished again that the Stanleys would leave soon so that
her ordeal would be over.

Bob seemed to be in no a hurry to conclude the evening. He appeared
perfectly happy, listening raptly to Barbara Stanley, nodding eagerly at
every word and only occasionally speaking himself. When he did speak, it
was to agree with whatever she had been saying.

Lynn noticed that he called her Barbara, though he had introduced the
couple as Mr and Mrs Stanley and she had continued to address them by
their surnames. She was unsure of whether to risk appearing over familiar
but she decided that she had no real wish to be too friendly with Colin
Stanley anyway.

She jumped, startled as Colin Stanley pressed an album into her hand. He
smiled intimately at her and nodded in the direction of his wife and Bob.

"They seem to have forgotten us my dear. Perhaps we should have our own
private party."

Lynn pretended that she had not heard him but she was acutely aware that
her husband and Mrs Stanley were sitting more closely and talking more
quietly than they had been earlier. She smiled politely at her husband's
employer and put the record on the turntable.

She noticed that her husband's boss had chosen a slow dance record. As the
first track began, he took her hand to stop her from going back to her

"Aren't you going to dance with me?"

Lynn shook her head and tried to sound apologetic.

"I'm really not a terribly good dancer."       

"You said that about your cooking. If your dancing is only half as good as
that wonderful meal, I'll take a chance that even if you step on my toes,
you'll it so gracefully that I won't complain."

The compliment was clumsily obvious but the young wife was obliged to
smile and accept it gracefully. She could hardly refuse him a dance
without giving offence. She blushed and reluctantly nodded a silent

She had not realised how short he was until he took her in his arms and
held her closely. She had noticed that he was wearing built up shoes,
presumably to make up for his shortness but he was still only an inch
taller than she was.

His lack of height meant that she was unable to avoid his eyes staring
into hers unless she danced with her cheek against his.

Colin Stanley's idea of dancing made her lack of ability unimportant. He
made no attempt to move his feet at all, but he managed to move his body
in a way that made sure he constantly pressed against her.

Lynn realised with dismay, that he had an erection and he was making no
effort to conceal the fact. She tried to avoid contact with him without
making it look obvious but it was impossible to avoid the deliberate
pressure of his hips.

He pressed himself more tightly into Lynn's body and moved his hips
suggestively against her. She was bewildered and embarrassed at his
outrageous actions and wondered how he could behave like that with Bob
watching from only a few yards away. The bulge in his trousers was rockt
hard and despite her loathing for the disgusting man, Lynn felt flattered
that she was the cause of his condition. His swollen trouser front pressed
against the junction of her thighs and she was shocked to feel a tremor of
excitement ripple through her.

Lynn could see her husband over Stanley's shoulder while they danced. It
might have been her imagination but Bob seemed to be sitting closer to his
boss's wife than before. She knew that it definitely was not her
imagination when she felt Stanley's hands slide smoothly down her back and
cup the firm rounded cheeks of her bottom.

Lynn was amazed at his arrogant assumption that she would allow his crude
advances, especially with her husband in the same room. He pulled her
tightly against his erect penis and she suffered the indignity in silence,
remembering Bob's warning that he could be without a job if either of them
did anything to upset or offend their visitors.

She squirmed, uncomfortably aware that the pressure and friction were
stimulating unwanted feelings within her but her movement only served to
grind Stanley's erection more firmly against her groin.

He took the movement of her hips as encouragement and his hands slid lower
until they rested on the backs of her thighs. The sensation of his fingers
lightly stroking her legs through the thin material of her dress sent a
startled jolt of unbidden pleasure along her spine. Before she could make
an objection, his hands moved back up to hold her bottom again. She gasped
with astonishment when she felt the heat of his palms through the sheer
silk of her panties and realised that his hands were now under her dress.

She felt his caressing fingers against the bare skin between her stockings
and panties and she struggled to combat the ripples of pleasure that his
tormenting fingers were generating.

As if from far away, she heard her husband's voice respond to Mrs Stanley
and she saw the two laughing together. They both seemed completely unaware
that Colin Stanley was taking the most intimate liberties with her in
front of their eyes. Bob glanced up and smiled encouragingly at her.

She was relieved that she was facing Bob and he could not see what his
employer was doing to her. It would certainly cost his job if he suspected
what Stanley was up to and lost his temper with him.

She was having difficulty enough controlling her own anger at the
insufferable man's impertinent assault on her but it was proving much more
difficult for her to ignore the sensual feelings that the obnoxious man's
invasive fingers were creating in her trembling young body.

The unwanted sensations were growing stronger as Stanley teased and
tickled the sensitive tops of her thighs. When his fingers strayed into
the forbidden area between the cheeks of her behind, she tensed her thigh
muscles and tried to squeeze her buttocks together to keep him from making
too free with her but he simply chuckled softly in her ear and maintained
his delicate assault on her bottom.

The music paused between tracks and Lynn sighed with relief. She prepared
to go back to her seat but Stanley sensed her intention and held on to

"Don't go back yet," he said in a voice loud enough for the other two to
hear, "there'll be another track on in a moment."

She was trapped, unless she chose to embarrass him in front of his wife
and Bob by exposing what he had been doing to her.

"You've got to stop this," hissed Lynn, "if Bob sees what you're doing to

The music began again.

"Don't worry, he's far too engrossed with my wife to worry about us."

He called across the room to Lynn's husband.

"You don't mind me taking advantage of your wife, do you Bob?"

Bob grinned inanely, unaware of the hidden meaning behind his employer's

"Be my guest Colin."

Colin Stanley twirled her round so that her back was to her husband.

She was terrified that Bob would see where Stanley had his hands but as
the cunning monster turned her, he slid his hands around her hips so that
his actions remained concealed from Bob's view. His palms were on her hips
now, and his thumbs were caressing the front of her thighs, above her
stocking tops.

The front of her dress had slid up to the tops of her thighs though Lynn
knew that her dress was full enough that, from where her husband was
sitting, all would appear perfectly normal. Perfectly normal except that
her legs were trembling so much that she was obliged to hold onto Stanley
to support herself.

She shivered helplessly as the feather-like touch on the soft skin between
her stockings and panties raised goose pimples on her arms. She tried to
say no but at that moment his thumbs slid delicately across the front of
her panties. It was the lightest of touches but it sent a pulse of
electric pleasure racing through her.

LYNNE  part 2
She froze in shock, unable to believe that he had dared to touch her in
such an intimate place. She was still too stunned to object when, encouraged by her lack of resistance, he repeated the action. His skilfully delicate caress drew a gasp of surprise from her and she clung tightly to him as the waves of pleasure made her knees buckle.

She inhaled sharply and held her breath as he gently pressed the sensitive mound of her sex through the thin material of her panties. She finally found her voice with
a struggle and hissed through clenched teeth.

"What do you think you're doing? Have you gone mad or something? Stop it now before someone sees."

"Don't tell me that you aren't enjoying it," murmured Stanley.

Lynn shook her head in denial as his thumbs pressed a little more firmly into the soft swelling of sensitive flesh but she could not deny the moisture that seeped from her vagina and soaked her silk panties. His touch became more insistent and Lynn could not stop him. Her husband's boss was repulsive to her but she was forced to admit to herself that his fingers had a magical sensitivity that was making her giddy with emotion and she was rapidly losing the will to struggle against his advances.

"Please stop," she whispered at the same moment that an exploratory finger wandered down and found the hem of her panties.

Her heart missed a beat as the finger lifted the edge of the silk and slipped deftly inside. Lynn heard Stanley's murmur of satisfaction when he discovered how wet she was and she groaned with embarrassment.

She felt him gently separate the sensitive lips of her vagina and begin to explore the intimate secrets of her sex.

His finger glided easily along the slippery cleft of her vaginal lips and found her clitoris already erect. She moaned softly as he pressed teasingly against the rigid bud

"No don't, you mustn't," she gasped breathlessly, "this is wrong, it's... Ooh?"

Stanley's finger entered her vagina smoothly and her body shook with an uncontrollable spasm of ecstasy. None of this was really happening. It had to be a dream.
She was dancing with her husband's boss while he had his finger ... no, two fingers inside her vagina and Bob was unaware of what was happening in front of his eyes.

She drifted in a dreamlike mist of confusion and pleasure as his finger slipped back and forth inside her. It hardly seemed important now that Colin Stanley ought
not to be doing this to her, or that she ought not to be permitting it.

His fingers pushed further inside her and Lynn felt a stab of guilt when her supple hips
automatically thrust back at him. It was disgusting and shameful but she could not stop
herself responding to the repulsive man's advances.

Her head was dizzy from the pounding in her chest and as the energy needed to feed the sexual turmoil within her, drained the strength from her legs, she sagged
weakly against him.
The steady movement of his fingers inside her vagina drew her further into the inescapable web of sensation that ensnared her. She whimpered softly, desperate for
release as he carefully pushed her towards her orgasm.

Her erotic trance evaporated as, without warning, he abruptly withdrew his fingers from within her. She sighed with relief and disappointment as her reluctant vagina
released its hold on the instruments of its pleasure.

There was only a brief moment to wonder why he had stopped before she
felt, rather than heard the rasp of a zip. She froze in surprise as, at the same moment, the hem of her panties was pulled roughly to one side. Her confused mind had no time to work out what was happening before she felt the swollen hardness of Stanley's penis probing between her legs and she almost passed out with fear and excitement.

Even with the evidence of his heated erection between her thighs, Lynn could not believe that Stanley would attempt to fuck her while they were standing less than
three yards from her husband. His rigid organ pressed insistently at the lips of her vagina despite her efforts to escape it. She was terrified that Bob would see what was happening.

It was madness for him to take the risk, especially as she knew that it was impossible for him to penetrate her from this angle anyway. His built up shoes effectively
made his legs longer than hers and, despite his lack of height, he was still too tall for what he was attempting.

He bent his knees slightly and pushed ineffectively against her, desperately seeking the opening that was so temptingly near but so impossibly angled. Her dazed
mind refused to accept any of this was real. She knew that this simply could not be
happening but her body did not care about logic. Every nerve and pleasure centre vibrated in sympathy with the feeling that his erection was generating as it rubbed against the swollen lips of her vagina.

Lynn was lost in a dizzy whirl of erotic sensation. It no longer mattered that it was her
husband's employer who was doing this to her. The feeling grew until the young wife forgot that her husband was watching. She forgot everything but the exquisite
sensation between her legs and, without thinking, she stretched up onto her toes so that her most sensitive spot could share the excitement.

A gasp of pleasure escaped her parted lips as the molten hardness grazed the pouting
entrance to her vagina. She stretched a little more and her husband's boss was quick to seize his opportunity.

She bit her lip to stop herself from crying out when she felt the swollen head of his penis enter her. She gasped and pressed back against his thrusting erection as,
with a barely audible grunt of satisfaction, he pushed the full length of his penis
smoothly into her delicious young body.

Neither of them moved for a moment or two. Lynn hardly dared to breath in case she
betrayed the secret. He began to move inside her in deliberate time to the slow sensuous rhythm of the music and Lynn surrendered completely to the unreal
situation as she welcomed each thrust of his rigid thickness into her supple body with
delirious abandon. All that mattered now was the pulsating hardness that filled her. All thoughts of her husband disappeared as she felt her orgasm begin to swell within her.

She was conscious that the music was about to end and knew that they would
be unable to maintain the pretence of dancing for much longer. She tensed her vaginal
muscles desperately around his penis as she urged her body to climax before the
record ended.

The sudden tightening of her vagina was too much for Colin Stanley. He thrust twice more and Lynn felt the hot jet of his sperm spurt inside her. The last notes of the music faded as she felt his softening penis slide from within her still hungry vagina.

As he fumbled with his zip, she pulled away from him, ashamed and angry at
herself for submitting to his lewd behaviour. Her slim body shook with suppressed
frustration and she was forced to acknowledge that part of her anger was because her body still trembled on the brink of the orgasm that he had denied her.

She swallowed her anger as she made sure that her dress was straight and
tried to calm her thumping heart before she turned away from Stanley to face her husband.

To her amazement and relief, he appeared to be completely unaware of what
had just taken place. It would not be long before he noticed something though. She could feel the trickle of sperm soaking her panties and threatening to run down her legs and betray her. She shot a venomous glare at Stanley but he smiled mockingly back at her, apparently unconcerned about her predicament. She drew a deep breath to steady her voice.

"You'll all have to excuse me I'm afraid. I have to go to the bathroom," she said with a
nervous laugh.

Bob grinned at her, "Well you know where it is darling."

He burst into uncontrolled laughter at his drunken witticism and turned back to Barbara
Stanley who smiled warmly at him.

"I don't know where the bathroom is and I'm afraid that I drank more than
I should have," said Colin Stanley smoothly. "Perhaps you could give me a guided tour while you're at it my dear."

Lynn looked helplessly to her husband for rescue but he was oblivious to the undercurrent of tension between his wife and his employer. He tore his attention
reluctantly from Mrs Stanley for a moment and spoke impatiently.

"Well go on Lynn, show him where to go before he does it in his trousers."

"I don't think that's likely to happen now," smiled Stanley and he stared meaningfully at Lynn.

She blushed and turned for the door as she muttered, "No, you bastard, you've already emptied yourself inside me."                               

She turned at the door and looked back at her husband for any sign that he might have noticed what had happened. She realised that she had no need to worry. His
attention was focused exclusively on Colin Stanley's wife.

She felt a twinge of anger at his disregard for her. His hand was on Mrs Stanley's knee, but Lynn could hardly object after what she had just done.

She turned away and Colin Stanley almost bumped into her in his eagerness to leave the room with her. He followed closely behind her as she climbed the stairs. She felt his hand on her leg, then it slid beneath her dress and along her thigh.

She tried unsuccessfully to shake him off.

"Haven't you done enough?" she accused bitterly, "You should be ashamed."

"I should be I suppose but you're so irresistible that it's difficult to feel anything but aroused when I'm around you."

"I had noticed," she replied scathingly as they reached the top of the stairs.

"The bathroom's just there. I'm sure you can manage on your own."

"You said you needed the bathroom, "he said softly, "it wouldn't be gentlemanly of me to go first."

"I'm sure you know all about being a gentleman," she said sarcastically, "but perhaps you hadn't noticed that, thanks to you, I need to change my pants before I do
anything else."

He made no move towards the bathroom. He was waiting for something and Lynn had no doubt about his intentions. There was an inevitability about the situation
and she could see no way to escape from whatever was going to happen.

She turned to the bedroom door, hoping to escape into the safety of her room but she felt him move closer to her. She turned with her back against the door and faced him in sudden last surge of defiance.

"The bathroom is over there."

She gestured ineffectively in the direction of the door.

"I have to change."

"The least I can do is help you. It was my fault after all."

"I can manage perfectly well on my own thank you," she said weakly.

She flinched nervously as his hand reached out, but he stretched passed her and opened the bedroom door. She retreated nervously as he followed her into the room and closed the door behind him.

She had felt safe downstairs despite the risk that they had taken. At least her husband had been there but she was alone with Stanley now and she was terrified of him. She tried to sound confident, but her voice shook with emotion.

"You can't just walk into my bedroom like this. Please wait downstairs. Bob will wonder what's going on."

He smiled, ignoring her plea. The faint click of the lock made her pulse race violently. She backed away from him until she felt the dressing table against her legs and she could retreat no farther. He reached out and his hand closed possessively over her small breast and squeezed gently.

"You have such beautiful breasts. So firm and young. I was dying to feel
them but our partners would have noticed.."

"Haven't you done enough," she whimpered in despair, unable to stop him.

"Not yet, you didn't come and that isn't fair. I owe you an orgasm."

"You owe me an apology, that's all. I certainly didn't want an orgasm," she lied, "not with you inside me. I still can't believe you did that with Bob watching."

Colin Stanley grinned. "The risk of being caught makes it more exciting though, doesn't it?"

"No, it was terrifying and disgusting. I feel so ashamed that I let it happen."

He moved closer until she could smell the heat of his body.

"Would you feel ashamed if we did it again?"

"Of course I would but we won't be doing it again so it doesn't matter."

His hand was still on her breast and he caressed it in a gentle circular motion.

Her nipple hardened and she knew that he could feel it, even through the material of her bra and dress.

"And you'd still feel ashamed," he said thoughtfully, "even though your husband is out of sight this time?"

"We can't do it again," she whispered weakly as his free hand moved to her hip.

She tried to quell the faint tremble of anticipation that rippled through her as his hand moved to her bottom.

"Of course we can," he said breathed softly. "What's to stop us?"

His hand was beneath her dress again, caressing her bottom.

"It's wrong, and anyway I don't want to do it again. I wish it had never happened. I love my husband."

"You said that you couldn't cook and that you couldn't dance, so how can I
believe what you're saying now, especially after what we did downstairs?"

His hands left her breast and bottom and roamed over her body. They slid up her spine and she shivered involuntarily. Then his hands were under her arms and
stroking the soft swelling sides of her breasts. She tried weakly to push his hands away but he ignored her ineffectual struggles and continued to caress her.

When he moved his hands to cradle both small breasts gently, she gasped
with surprise and pleasure as she felt her nipples harden in response.

"No-o-o, please don't."       

He released her breasts, but only while he unfastened the top button of her dress.

She groaned softly, "What are you doing?"

"You know what I'm doing and you know that you want me to do it."

As he spoke, his fingers were busy on the second button and then the third. He did it so quickly and smoothly that she had no time to object. His fingers slipped inside the opening that he'd made and caressed the sensitive skin above her bra causing her to tremble with excitement.

She murmured timidly,"No, we've got to stop this."

"You don't mean that."

"Bob will wonder why we're taking so long?. If he gets worried, he'll come
up to look for us."

"He won't worry about us for a while. I suspect that Barbara knows how to
keep him occupied."

Lynn wondered briefly what he meant but he moved suddenly and pressed his
lips to hers. She was too shocked by the suddenness of his action to resist. She
accepted his kiss passively, more concerned about the fire that the hand on her breast was re-igniting inside her.

She still did nothing to stop him when his tongue flicked gently across her parted lips. She did not have the strength or will to object anyway and when his tongue slipped
between her lips and into the warmth of her mouth, she allowed it to happen.

Then he bent his head and his lips brushed the firm swell of her upper breasts. His hot breath and gentle lips sent sparks of pleasure to her rapidly hardening nipples and she gasped in surprised delight.

She hardly noticed when he undid the fourth button. His hand was right inside her dress now and it covered her small breast easily. She felt a finger ease carefully under the edge of her bra. Then his finger grazed against her nipple and she was unable to stop herself from pushing against him.

He kissed her again and she felt his hand move between their bodies. When she looked, her dress was open all the way.       

She whispered, "No!" and held tightly onto the front of her dress. He took hold of her hands and gently tried to ease them away as he murmured against her lips.

"We have to take it off. It might get torn."

Her nerveless fingers released their grip on the material and she felt the dress slide from her shoulders and down her arms. It happened before she could wonder what he
was going to do to her that would cause the dress to become torn.

It was too late to protest. Her dress was on the floor, forming a white pool of silk around her feet. Lynn's heart pounded painfully as shocked fear raced through her
veins. Her numbed muscles refused to obey her and she was unable to resist as he lifted one of her feet at a time to remove her shoes and free the delicate fabric.

He threw her dress over a chair and stood back while he stared in awe at her near naked body. Clad in only her bra and panties, she looked even younger and more
vulnerable. It was difficult to believe that she was a married woman.

She flushed crimson with shame and humiliation as he studied her body. Her long legs were slim and shapely and her skin soft and smooth. The thin white panties were almost transparent and the outline of her sex was clearly visible.

She flinched when he reached out with curious hands to touch the silk smooth skin of her belly. His fingers traced a line of excitement back up to her breasts and stroked the small globes of firm flesh through the material of her bra.

She held her breath in astonishment and then released it with a sigh as his lips moved over her neck and shoulders. He fumbled with the fastening of her bra and she wondered why she did not just tell him to stop. Then she felt cool air on her breasts as he freed them gently from their captivity. For a moment, his face was that of a small boy as he stared in wonder at her naked breasts.

Lynn was puzzled by his reaction. She had always thought that her bust was too small though the shape was good and her skin as unblemished as a baby's. She felt a faint glow of pride as he praised their perfection in an awed whisper.

"My God! They're perfect - more than perfect, better than I dared to imagine they could be."

His hand shook as he reached hesitantly to touch the bare smooth skin and she heard him sigh as his fingers delicately traced the shape of each breast in turn.

His words did as much as his fingers to make her nipples stiffen and peak with pride. He bent his head and kissed each nipple tenderly and the sensation that shot through her breasts was almost painful in its intensity.

She had never known her breasts to be so sensitive but she had never known her husband to worship them with the passion and reverence that his boss was showing.

He sucked and nibbled at the diamond hard points and his hands were gentle as they stroked and squeezed her tender flesh. The intensity of his emotions transmitted itself to her and she was swept up in the storm of his passion.

His tongue trailed lazily over her breasts and up to her throat.

He kissed her again and she forgot that she was supposed to be resisting him, when she felt his lips hard against the softness of hers. His tongue probed the warmth of her mouth and, though she did not move her tongue, she was unable to prevent it from
touching his.

His hands glided down to her hips and caressed the tops of her legs. Then he was tugging at her panties. In a last minute panic, she grabbed for the thin elastic
waist to prevent their removal but her reactions were too slow and she felt the flimsy material slither down her thighs and over her knees.

He pressed his body against her and ground his pelvis gently against her naked pubic
mound. Lynn tried to fight the urge to respond but her legs had turned to rubber and she was forced to cling to him for support. She knew that she was lost when she pressed back against him, eager to feel the pressure of him against her burning sex.

Lynn could see that he was determined to fuck her again and she tacitly resigned herself to the inevitable. She made no effort to resist when he led her to the bed and sat her down. He knelt in front of her and slowly unrolled her stockings down her long

As he bowed his head, she felt his breath warm and teasing on the sensitive flesh of her inner thighs. She clenched the muscles in her buttocks and the sensational feeling spread fluttering threads of excitement through her trembling belly

She could feel his eyes devouring her body and her head bowed in helpless shame as she shiverd in anticipation. He took hold of her shoulders and pushed her gently but firmly back onto the bed. The young wife fell back with her legs sprawled open over the edge of the bed and watched fearfully as he hurriedly stripped off his clothes.

Without clothes, he was scrawnier than she had imagined but she was
shocked at the thick hair that covered almost every part of him. He looked half man and half goat, like a fantasy picture of a satyr. She stared at him, repelled and excited by his ugliness. Her hypnotised eyes slowly wandered from his thin chest and down to fix their gaze between his legs.

part 3
There was no doubt that the rigid column of his erect penis, jutting proudly from his goat-like body, was human. She could not understand how he was still hard only minutes after he had come.
She told herself that there was no way of preventing what was about to happen but she hated herself for wanting it to happen. She was disgusted and excited that she wanted it to happen with this grotesque half animal.
"How can you?" she whispered tearfully.
The question was to herself but he misunderstood. He stroked the soft flesh of her inner thigh teasingly.
"It's impossible not to want to with a beautiful creature like you my dear."
He placed both hands on her bare legs and slid them almost to the top. His finger tips stopped an inch short of her naked vagina and the helpless young wife shivered as he softly stroked the sensitive skin of her inner thighs. His fingers edged a fraction nearer to the heated junction of her thighs and she knew that even if she had wanted to, there was nothing she could do to prevent him from touching her exposed vagina. The thought sent a tingle of anticipation rippling through her body.
Time stopped for a brief moment, then she felt his hands move and they were on her. At the first contact, she cried out in astonishment as a quick sensational jolt shot through her nerve endings. He cupped the slight swell of her vaginal mound and squeezed gently. The pressure sent an electric thrill of unbidden pleasure through her and fresh moisture seeped from her vagina.
She caught a glimpse of her husband's photograph on the bedside table and groaned in despair. Bob's image stayed in her mind and she felt sudden guilt swamp her desire with shame.
"Uhhh! Please stop - I've changed my mind"
"Too late for that Lynne."
She stared up at her husband's boss and protested weakly but he was unmoved by her unconvincing resistance. He stared calmly into her shocked wide open eyes and, without saying a word, he slid his finger slowly back and forth between her slippery vaginal lips.
The helpless young wife yelped with surprise, "Oooh no don't..."
A wave of pleasure rippled up to her trembling belly and spread through her body in a hot surge of urgency. Lynne bit her lip to stem a gasp of pleasure.
He teased her sensitive slit with slow gentle strokes that wore down the helpless young wife's resistance until she heard herself groan softly with each wave of unstoppable pleasure.
She rolled her head from side to side, unable to stop the rising tide of desire that threatened to swamp her. Each time she moved her head, she caught sight of her husband's face and she whispered a desperate plea for her seducer to stop.
I don't want you to do this. I'm a married - Aahhh!"
"I don't believe you - of course you want it."
Lynne shook her head. She was too breathless to speak. He found her clitoris and concentrated his attention on the rigid little bud of sensitive flesh. She cried out reflexively at the exquisite sensation. With expert care, he explored the delicate folds of flesh that protected her vaginal passage. With each touch of his finger tip, her slim body shook with undisguised pleasure. His finger never quite entered her vagina but each time it slipped across and round the tiny entrance it drew a moan of expectation from her.
Each time he returned his attention to the small bud of her clitoris and teased it gently the defenceless young wife could not suppress the sigh of pleasure that escaped her lips. Her slender hips shuddered and bucked as his fingers manipulated her slippery clitoris.
She knew that it was already too late and he knew it as well. She could no longer deny that she wanted it as much as he did. As if to emphasise his victory, he withdrew his hand and watched her writhe in frustration. She was too ashamed to say the words that would encourage him to start again but her wide green eyes pleaded silently with him.
He smiled in quiet triumph as if he could read her thoughts, she might as well have begged him out loud.
"You want to be fucked don't you Lynne?"
She shook her head violently, "No, you don't understand ... my husband ..."
He slid his finger into the liquid depths of her vagina and she squealed with pleasure.
"He's downstairs Lynne and I'm up here with you. No more dancing - you need to be fucked properly."
He bent and kissed the trembling softness of her belly. His tongue flickered over the sensitive flesh and, when his tongue moved higher to probe the hollow of her navel, her stomach muscles tightened and fluttered in response.
As his mouth and tongue moved up to her breasts and then her lips, Lynne lay back and closed her eyes as she felt her body go limp. When he wedged his knee between her thighs, there was no strength in her legs, to resist the pressure as he pushed them apart. She felt the hard length of his penis as it moved slowly up between her open legs and her eyes flew open to see Bob's photograph stare accusingly at her from the bedside table.
She turned her head away and stared blankly into his employer's hypnotic eyes as she felt his hardness leave a heated trail against the soft flesh of her inner thigh. Her breath caught in her throat and she bit her lip as she felt the rigid organ approach her vagina. She nervously clenched her hands into small tight fists and shook her head when she felt the hard length of him pressing against her. ......(cont)

LYNNE part 4
No tell tale bruises marked the soft flesh of her slender thighs to betray
the way that he had gripped them. For some reason, the memory of his hands
as he pushed her legs apart made her skin prickle with sudden heat. She
stroked the smooth skin between her thighs, enjoying the soft delicacy of
its silken texture and wondering if that was how it had felt to Colin
Stanley's coarser touch.
She was puzzled to discover that she was damp between her thighs. She was
sure that she had dried herself thoroughly. Her legs trembled slightly and
she paused for a moment, remembering how she had been barely able to stand
She tried to dismiss the thought but her fingers moved on. The gentle
swell of her pubic mound showed no sign of the crushing friction between
their bodies but, when her finger tip touched her vaginal lips, they were
as wet as they had been when he had thrust his finger inside her.
Her finger was slimmer and smoother than his but as it slid into the
heated entrance, it felt almost as exciting. She remembered that he had
used two fingers and realised that the extra thickness would make a
She gasped with pleasure and satisfaction as the experiment proved that
she was right. Her fingers moved slowly inside her vagina and her breath
grew shorter as she remembered. The problem was that there was nothing but
her memory to show that his penis had ever entered her tender young
She heard the telephone and wondered how long it had been ringing. She
wanted to ignore it, to continue with what she was doing until she
climaxed but the insistent ringing would not stop. It was probably Bob,
checking that she was awake and out of bed. She knew that she would have
to go downstairs and answer it.
There was no time to cover her nakedness but the leather of the armchair
was pleasantly cool against her bare skin. For a fleeting moment she
imagined that could see Colin Stanley sitting on the floor opposite,
staring between her legs. She pressed her thighs together convulsively and
picked up the telephone.
She was startled but not really surprised to hear Colin Stanley's voice.
"Good morning my dear, just thought I'd call to make sure that you're
"Why wouldn't I be?" said Lynn calmly, though she was shaking inside.
"No reason - I just thought that after what we did together..."
"We didn't do anything together, you made me do it. I don't know how but
you made me."
"That's not how I remember it Lynn. You were just as keen as me when we
started and you came as freely as I did."
"Well I don't want to remember any of it. I want to forget all about last
night and I don't want you to phone me anymore."
"That's a shame," he replied smoothly, "I was just sitting here at my desk
remembering how wonderful it was."
"I should think that you'd have better things to do with your time. Don't
you have a company to run?"
"True, but that doesn't compare to what we did. Do you know that I've got
an erection just thinking about it?"
"I'm really not interested," she said primly and she tried hard not to be,
but she could not stop the image forming in her mind of his hard penis
jutting proudly from between his hairy thighs.
The insistent pulse between her legs reminded her of what he had just
interrupted and she wondered how seriously he would take her if he knew
what she had just been doing.
What would he say if he knew that she was talking to him without a stitch
of clothing on her body? It seemed ironic that when he could see her, his
eyes were continually undressing her but when she was totally naked, he
was unable to take advantage of the fact.
He chose not to believe her disinterest anyway.
"You were interested last night when you felt it between your legs," he
"That's what I'm thinking about now. The feel of your soft skin against
the end of my prick as it slid slowly up between your thighs."
 She tried to ignore him, but the description was too vivid, the memory
too recent. She could remember the heat of him against her. She could feel
the strength of his erection as it pulsed between her thighs.
"Stop it." She said weakly. "I don't want to hear this. Leave me alone."
"I wish I could Lynn but I'm so hard from thinking about you, about
fucking you, I have to talk to you."
"I don't want to talk to you. I won't listen to this filth."
He chuckled again. "Of course you do Lynn, or you'd have hung up by now."
Lynn shifted uncomfortably against the leather of the armchair. She was
still throbbing between her legs, still wanting to finish what she had
started before the telephone rang. Why was he doing this to her? And why
was she allowing him to do it?
"If you don't stop talking about - about - last night, I will hang up."
There was silence at the other end of the phone.
"Hello... Are you still there? Say something"
"That's better. I'm sorry but I had to do something about this. It was
becoming extremely uncomfortable."
"What was?" she asked. "What are you talking about?"
"I told you, it's my cock. It's so hard, I thought I was going to strangle
She knew that it was the wrong thing to say but she had to ask.
"So what have you done about it?" She caught herself quickly, "Not that I
"I've undone my zip and I'm getting it out."
"No, don't. Put it away," she said in a disbelieving whisper.
"Too late, it's in my hand and I won't be able to put it back until it's
soft again."
"What are you going to do?" she whispered faintly.
"I'm going to masturbate of course."
Lynn felt a tremor of excitement run through her. "It's yours, so I
suppose you can do what you like with it," she said coolly. "I can't
imagine what makes you think that I'm interested though."
"You wouldn't have asked if you weren't interested."
"I was interested until you told me what you intend to do. Well, I'll
leave you to get on with it in peace, goodbye."
"Wait! Don't hang up Lynn. I want you to talk to me while I do it. Then I
can pretend that you're here and that it's not my hand holding it. I'm
imagining that my cock is inside your hot wet pussy and that I'm fucking
your sweet young body...."
Lynn gasped incredulously. His obscene language simultaneously excited and
repelled her. What he was describing brought a fresh flood of moisture to
her already excited vagina even though she knew that it was only words. It
could not possibly be real.
She refused to believe that he was actually masturbating while he talked
to her on the telephone even though she knew in her heart that he was
capable of worse behaviour than that.
Her voice was small and timid. "Are you really... I mean - you know?"
"Of course I am. I'm thinking about you - about being inside you, feeling
your tight little pussy holding me as I fuck you."
 She knew from the irregular rhythm of his breathing that he was telling
the truth. Her own breath was growing ragged as she pictured his
excitement. The image of him with his penis in his hand was vivid and
real. He was thinking about her - about fucking her and his excitement was
The sound of his voice was hypnotic as he described in graphic detail what
he imagined he was doing to her. She was frightened by the effect that his
erotic commentary was having upon her but she was unable to stop it.
The young wife listened despite herself and, almost without knowing, her
hand crept nervously to the junction of her thighs. The image of his thick
penis hovered in her mind as she pressed gently against the still wet lips
of her vagina. The memory of him sliding up inside her came unbidden as
she carefully slid her finger inside the tight passage. She stifled a gasp
of pleasure and another finger joined the first.
His soothing voice continued to describe how it felt to have his penis
inside her but it was no longer necessary. She knew how it felt. In her
mind, he was inside her and she needed no description of how wonderful it
felt. The tone of his voice changed.
"Do it with me Lynn. Do it now!"
"What do you mean?" she gasped breathlessly. "Do what with you?"
"You know what I mean. I'm imagining that my hand is your warm tight
little cunt. Put your finger inside yourself and imagine that it's my
prick. Join in with me Lynn and we can make love now."
Her fingers moved steadily inside her vagina as she listened to his voice
but she could not admit to him that she was already doing what he wanted.
"I don't want to make love with you," she gasped breathlessly. "Do what
you like but leave me alone."
"You know that you want to. Go on Lynn, play with yourself. I'm going to
come any minute and I want you to come with me."
She groaned in frustration, knowing that he was about to come but she
would not feel the hot liquid of his sperm inside her. She still could not
admit to him what she was doing though.
"I don't want to do anything with you," she managed to splutter, "I think
you're disgusting and depraved."
"Please Lynn, please," his voice was begging, "touch yourself and pretend
that it's me. Imagine that I'm inside you. Do it now Lynn..."
She could tell from his voice that he was about to come and the knowledge
tipped her over the edge.
Her body shuddered uncontrollably as she sobbed into the telephone, "I
can't... I - ungh? Ahhh!"
They came at the same moment and his voice was an echo of hers. He must
have heard her cry of pleasure and there was no doubt in her mind that he
knew. He had won again and she hated him for doing it, but she hated
herself even more. She sprawled exhausted in the armchair and tried to
catch her breath. The telephone was still against her ear but she had
forgotten everything until she heard his voice.
"Are you still there Lynn? What happened? Are you all right?"
"I'm fine thank you," she said resentfully. Then, without thinking she
automatically added, "Are you okay?"
"I am now, thanks to you."
"Don't thank me. I didn't do anything," she said, desperately trying to
absolve herself of guilt.
"If that's your idea of fun, it's your problem but don't ring me and try
to involve me in your sordid sex games. I'm not running a service for
dirty old men."
"I should hope not," he said, "you're too sweet and innocent for that."
"Hardly innocent after what you did to me last night," she said bitterly,
"and I don't feel very sweet either. I wish that I'd never met you."
He sounded deflated. "I'm sorry you feel like that. If you'd just take the
time to get to know me, you might change your mind."
"Why won't you understand, I don't like you and I don't want to know you.
Now please go away and leave me alone."
"I don't think I want to do that Lynn," he said calmly, "And I'm still not
convinced that you want me to."
Lynn gripped the telephone so tightly that her knuckles turned white.
"Listen! I'm a married woman and even if I wasn't, I wouldn't be
interested in a married man who was old enough to be my father."
"That's strange," he said in the same infuriatingly calm voice,
"considering the age difference between you and Bob."
"That's none of your business. My husband and his age is my affair."
"Not at all Lynn. Bob is your husband but your affair is with me,
"If that's what you choose to call it then it's your bad luck," she
replied icily. "As far as I'm concerned it was a mistake and it won't
happen again. Why can't you understand that I don't want you - I love my
husband and he loves me."
"Of course he loves you, but does he fuck you?"
Lynn shouted into the mouthpiece, "Mind your own business!"
She slammed the receiver down before he could answer.
She was conscious of the damp leather beneath her thighs as tears of anger
and frustration flowed down her cheeks. For a moment she worried about
whether the leather would stain but Colin Stanley's words still echoed in
her head and the upholstery was a minor concern.         
By hanging up on him, she had answered his question anyway. The question
had been personal and offensive but there would have been no reason to get
so angry if he had not touched on her most sensitive problem.
"No he doesn't," she sobbed. "He doesn't fuck me and I wish he would."
The morning passed in a daze. Apart from making a pot of coffee, Lynn was
unable to remember a single thing that she had done. She knew that she
must have dressed herself at some point because she was wearing jeans and
a T-shirt but she had no memory of putting them on. The postman called but
the pile of letters was still lying unopened on the door mat.
She re-heated the coffee pot and wondered who she could talk to about what
had happened. She had few friends and none that were close enough for her
to trust with the guilty secret of her infidelity. The age difference
between herself and Bob made it difficult to have mutual friends who had
anything in common with them both and the few that they did have could not
be relied on to say nothing to Bob.
Most of the friends of her own age had drifted away when she and Bob had
married. They wanted to talk about rockt concerts and hair styles. Bob's
conversation was limited to his job, the local football team and whatever
was on the front page of the paper that day.
She sipped at the re-heated coffee and reflected that if anyone had asked
her what her husband was like, he would come across as middle-aged and
boring. It crossed her mind that he probably was boring. Once the
excitement of the wedding was over, marriage had seemed boring.
She had come to terms with her reasons for marrying Bob. Her father had
left home when she was five and she had never known the stability and
masculine care that a young child needed. Now she had the security that
she had craved and she had the love of an older man, but there was no
She was twenty two and she knew that there was more to life than she had
yet seen.
"At least Colin Stanley isn't boring," she mused and then added with a
harsh laugh, "No, but he's bloody ugly and he&#
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